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Is Facebook doomed? We still have Instagram. And Zuckerberg still has us by the #balls.

The Guardian, Monday 29 April 2013: ‘In the last month, the world’s largest social network has lost 6m US visitors, a 4% fall, according to analysis firm SocialBakers. In the UK, 1.4m fewer users checked in last month, a fall of 4.5%. The declines are sustained. In the last six months, Facebook has lost nearly 9m monthly visitors in the US and 2m in the UK.

Users are also switching off in Canada, Spain, France, Germany and Japan, where Facebook has some of its biggest followings. A spokeswoman for Facebook declined to comment.’

Is Facebook doomed? Maybe. And more or less everyone is celebrating the fact. Facebook has become an unstoppable juggernaut, a gigantic Moloch that swallows everything everyone ever did, said, lived. Even worse: it has become something nobody likes, but has to live with, for some strange reason. But there is at least one person that doesn’t care too much about it, and that’s Mr. Evil Baphomet Behemoth Lucifer Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. In fact, he’s having a right laugh, for a simple reason: he bought Instagram, some time ago, and, while everybody was going “WTF??”, we said the move was genius (‘Three good reasons why Facebook bought Instagram’).

Look at the comments below. Now, the same people are taking pictures of #food on Instagram, like there’s no tomorrow.


Yes, Instagram is where all the users Facebook is losing are going to, at the moment. And that moment is going to last for a good while, for a few reasons:

1. The present of the Internet is image-based. Nobody want to read stuff online anymore, unless it is relevant – i.e. The Economist and BuzzFeed GOOD, your status about how you are fed up with the weather in London BAD. Moreover, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and blah blah blah.

2. Video is the future, folks.

3. Mobile is the future, kids. And Facebook for mobile is just crap.

4. It’s addictive. Yes, Instagram is bloody addictive.

5. There a shift from “curator” to “creator”. And, if you still really want to be a curator, then go for Tumblr.

6. Instagram doesn’t bother you with ads, it’s simple – although many features could be changed and make it work – it’s still yours, you don’t have to pay to have to reach users with your posts, and your mother is not using it – yet.

When it comes to Gen Y, there’s a great article on Mashable, written by a 13 year old kid, that explains the situation: ‘I’m 13 and None of My Friends Use Facebook’. For the rest of us ex-kids, just consider this: when your friend who had a BlackBerry until two months ago finally gets an iPhone and start taking pictures of cupcakes somewhere in West London, then you know everybody is moving to Instagram.


Finally, here’s the top 3 Instagram situations of the week.

A bored 50 Cent claims he’s the “coolest man alive”.


@mrpimpgoodgame’s collection of selfies.


And Miley Cyrus’ Photoshop Fail.


What do you think?

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9 gadgets we would like to have in our office RIGHT NOW / Feat. trans-floor slides, Ferrari chairs, and more.

We have compiled a list of things we would like to have in our new office in Covent Garden.

Since there are too many options to choose from and bars and pubs and restaurants offering foods and drinks from all over the world, we thought this What’s For Lunch? Decision Spinner would help us overcome the “lunchtime panic attack”.


Trans-floor slide, as seen at Red Bull office, here in London. Quality.

Trans-Floor Slide @ Red Bull Office

Slot car racing!



Possibly operated from this Ferrari Scuderia chair. Looks pretty cool, isn’t it?

Ferrari Scuderia 16M Office Chair

Volkswagen van desk.


This is for all the social media ringmasters and friends often coming to visit us. We are trying to work, here!


Fusion table – when the meeting is over, the game is on.


Last but not least, the “Ice Cold Whisky Dispenser”. Win.


What do you think?

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Burberry, the £4.95 billion business that doesn’t know how to take interesting pictures of London.

Back in the 1980s, people used to visit exotic places and take a gazillion pictures with big black squared point-and-shoot cameras, then come back home, invite people over, give them crackers, salty biscuits and pistachios, show them the gazillion pictures, and bore them to death.

Here’s me riding a camel. Here’s Jen posing in front of the Great Pyramid. Here’s our driver, Rashid, eating ice cream. Here’s Fritz, a German fellow traveller, dancing to Lady Gaga, on the boat, during the Nile cruise.

And so on and so forth, multiplied by a gazillion times.


We already spent some time explaining why Burberry, AKA one of the toppermost social brands ever, AKA the reference when it comes to all things digital marketing-related, is surprisingly weak on Pinterest (and Instagram), when they talk about London.

I mean, London is not exactly like Hull – two streets, three pubs, fish & chips shop, that’s it – so why are they always posting pictures of Trafalgar Square, Westminster, Tower Bridge and other rather unoriginal stuff?

The only explanation is they hired a team of social media veterans – meaning they are a bunch 75-year-olds accountants with a passion for colourless clichéd holiday photography.

Now, my point is: do you want to show London’s vibe, its characters and countless shades of Majesty and Beauty, in an original and unique – yet organic mummy-friendly – way? Then get inspired here:


Tips, food, places, photos of sheep roaming next to Canary Wharf, parks and green spaces, iconic design, healthy eating, tilt-shift photography, vintage, art and characters. Of course, this is not the perfect Pinterest account, the one scientist will study in the future and social strategists will talk about for many years to come. Yet, although this is not a a £4.95 billion business – like Burberry – they inform and entertain and tell the story of a great place, in a very pleasant way.



What do you think?

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Luxury Brands & Instagram / 3 Common BIG Mistakes – feat. Burberry, Tory Burch and Loboutin.

It is normal for us, mere mortals, to make mistakes; our vulnerability, fallibility and unreliability make us do silly things, in life as on Instagram.

Therefore, we are (kind of) excused when posting photos of Starbucks Frappuccinos, pets doing pets’ things, or food.



But what about famous luxury brands, with massive budgets, an army of creative minds and technology wizards working in fancy offices in fancy areas, which are suppose to be the avant-garde of a new movement that will change – and eventually save – the world? Yes, they post silly things on Instagram, as well.


Three things luxury brands should avoid, when using Instagram – especially considering that the average user is not a 75-year-old spinster living with cats, collecting Royal Family paraphernalia.


Wrong or confusing iconography

Icons are often used to show the inspiration behind a collection, or the ideal brand ambassador. So, when it comes to fashion, we usually see photos of Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Alright. Good.

So what is Frida Kahlo – an active communist, a tortured soul and a person uninterested in fashion – doing on Tory Burch’s Instagram account, next to a picture of two fashionistas, whose caption says ‘A serious discussion about the color pink.’?



I know Burberry is an iconic brand which embodies the esprit of London and so on and so forth, but from a ground-breaking brand, investing heavily in social media, with potentially unlimited firepower, you would expect something more than “Hey, let’s take pictures of London. Like, what about a photo of Tower Bridge??”

How exciting. Wow. Read More…