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VOGUE’s Fashion Night Out 2012 / A personal voyage. Feat. Michael Kors, luxury junk food and scary bearded men

Last night I went to VOGUE’s 2012 Fashion’s Night Out, in Mayfair.

I like fashion – from a sociological point of view and as a fascinating manipulation and adaptation of quasi-art, which suddenly becomes a wearable object, useful and aesthetically appealing at the same time – but I tend to avoid fashion-related events.
It’s like when you enjoy the aesthetics, passion and poetry of football, but you don’t want to join a horde of drunk, testosterone-driven thugs at Boleyn Ground. Read More…

We asked Google “What is luxury?” – Part 3. “Experience” the best holiday ever (feat. whispering flight attendants).

Experience (ɪkˈspɪərɪəns)
7. to be emotionally or aesthetically moved by; feel
Collins English Dictionary

There are countless ways to read the definition above, as what moves us depends on taste, education, culture, gender, class, income, age and so on.
Let’s just say that, whoever you are and whatever you like, if something emotionally or aesthetically moves you, you want more of it. Moreover, due to a mechanism that is intrinsic to capitalism, brands have to push it to the limit, before the competition eats them alive.
This dynamic can lead to the point of no return, the exaggeration, and the over the top. Read More…